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"While this book will not teach you how to be a Pagan, it will help you decide if this is the spiritual path you have been seeking."
--Mary Gelfand, Ph.D
Former President, CUUPS
Paganism: An Introduction to Earth-Centered Religions

Paganism is a broad term that encompasses many different earth-centered paths and whose practitioners embrace the idea that the natural world is sacred. This book is an introduction to the beliefs, ethics, and practices of modern Pagans.

The Unitarian Church has adopted this book as a text for an adult religious education course on earth religions; the book also is required reading for university religious studies classes.

Paganism answers the common questions asked by those new to the path or curious about Pagan beliefs:

  • What is earth-centered spirituality, and how does Paganism differ from other spiritual paths?
  • What do Pagans believe about the Divine?
  • What are Pagan rituals like?
  • When are the Pagan holidays?
  • What is magick and how does it work?
  • How do Pagans view Satan?
  • What ethics do Pagans follow?

This book encourages you to explore your self, your current beliefs, and the variety of modern Pagan paths.

Through the use of a workbook format, discussion questions, journal exercises, visualizations and magickal workings, you will discover which Pagan beliefs and traditions resonate with you. With its candid discussion of modern Pagan beliefs and traditions, Paganism is also a thoughtful gift for non-Pgaan friends and family members who are curious about earth-centered spirituality.

If you feel a sacred connection with the natural world and want to explore the many facets of modern Paganism, let this book be your first step on the path.

Learn more about this book at the Llewellyn web site.