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Spirit Awakening 2009
Fenton, MO April 3-5

Evolving Spirituality - a workshop
weekend Bunker, MO May15-17

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"While this book will not teach you how to be a Pagan, it will help you decide if this is the spiritual path you have been seeking."
--Mary Gelfand, Ph.D
Former President, CUUPS

Workshops and Classes:

The Seven Principles of Paganism
Come and discuss the principles of Paganism as we have identified them and share your thoughts on what the root assumptions of Paganism are or should be.

Explore how to explain these principles to your friends and family, especially those who don't identify as Pagans. Discuss the ways in which these principles are similar to or different from those of other faiths.

Scheduling a Workshop
This workshop is an hour to an hour and a half, which works well for festivals, conferences, and other gatherings. Workshops can also be adapted for half-day, full-day, and weekend intensives.

Please contact River and Joyce to learn more.
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