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Paganism CoverPaganism: An Introduction to Earth-Centered Religions

Gain clarity in your spiritual path. Explore your faith. Explain your spiritual path to others. This book unravels the mysteries of magick. More than a Paganism 101 book, Pagans and professors say this is the best resource on modern Earth-Centered Religions.

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Pagan SpiritualityPagan Spirituality

With this book, you will:
Deepen your practice as a Pagan.

Move beyond basic spellwork into a holistic spiritual tradition.
Create a spiritual discipline within a framework of your own beliefs.
Blend tools of psychology and sociology to explore magickal and spiritual growth.
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Witches praying the rosary? Catholics reading Tarot cards?

Get ready to re-examine your beliefs and view spiritual practice in a new light. By reading this book on Christianity and Pagan ritual and opening the door to interspiritual experience, you will reach a deeper understanding of yourself—and cultivate a profound appreciation for the changing landscape of spirituality around you.

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Here’s an article about us at The Wiccan Pagan Times, and a video interview of River at MagickTV.com.

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