Pagan Spirituality

Pagan Spirituality

The spiritual path of the modern Pagan is one of constant growth and change—in a word, evolution.

Pagan Spirituality explores how the Pagan spiritual development relates to contemporary theories of cultural and spiritual evolution.

As a post-modern spiritual movement arising from a worldview comfortable with multiple perspectives, Paganism offers individuals unbounded opportunities for growth and expansion. The authors believe that this process of both individual and collective evolution is supported by models for human development advanced by leading modern thinkers including Ken Wiber, James Fowler, Don Beck, Christopher Cowan and Riane Eisler.

Pagan Spirituality encourages all Pagans to reflect on their own spiritual progress, and eventually look beyond the personal to the transpersonal. Descriptions and examples of both positive and negative behaviors that often accompany each stage in the evolutionary process will help you assess your progress and set goals for further development.

Exercises throughout the text are designed to further cultivate both magickal skills and spiritual growth through journaling, visualization and meditation.

This groundbreaking work challenges readers to think critically about the nature of faith, culture, consciousness and the role that Pagans—both individually and collectively—will undoubtedly play in the conscious creation of tomorrow.

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